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Cover of Sprouts by Kathleen OBannon “Sprouts: the Savory Source for Health and Vitality”
by Kathleen O’Bannon

This book discusses sprouts in terms of disease prevention and support for the immune system. It also provides a guide to selecting sprouts.  There are instructions for those who want to grow their own sprouts. Recipes are presented with full color pictures.

See chapter titles and some of the pages within this book on Amazon.

Learn about the history and practice of growing sprouts in the US.

View Up-to-date comprehensive Video about sprout safety

“Bean Sprouts and Other Vegetable Seed Sprouts”
This article by the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University offers information about mung bean sprouts–nutritional value, ways of eating. It also lists other seeds that can be sprouted.

This article titled, “Broccoli Sprouts Deter Cancer in Rats”, is on the Web site of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), the chief scientific research agency of the USDA. It discusses experiments with high selenium broccoli sprouts, which are not commonly available.

“Say It With Sprouts”
About mung bean sprouts: history of use in the US, chemical properties, selection and storage suggestions, recipes (Chinese dishes)