Living Foods Essentials


Reconnect, rebuild and rejuvenate at Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico.

Your week will be both a learning experience and therapy for your mind and body at this seaside retreat.

In this one-week course at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, the most essential classes from the Living Foods Lifestyle® Two Week Certificate Program are combined into an intensive and valuable one week learning experience. Learn about the value of wheat grass, sprouting, cultured foods, breathing techniques and relaxation, eating technique, food combining, digestion and more. Learn how to incorporate the Living Foods Lifestyle® into your daily life.  A Certificate of Completion is presented when you graduate from this course.

Planting at Anne Wigmore Inst.

Supplement your classes with therapies to detox and relax your body– private yoga sessions, lymphatic drainage, facial and body treatments with fresh ingredients and Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage.

Visit to see what a typical day is like, learn more about the Living Foods Lifestyle® and enroll.